Best in Show “Alma”

Alma’, a bright white daisy spray mum with a green center from breeder Deliflor,

took top honors last week, winning Best in Showin the Outstanding Varieties Competition during the Society of American Florists’ 134th Annual Convention in Rancho Mirage, California on Sept. 12.

‘Alma’ provoked an emotional re

sponse from judges and others who visited the room where rows of dramatic entries stood on display during the four-day convention. “I don’t normally have that reaction to a daisy, but these were just so beautiful,” said Rakini Chinery AAF, AzMF, of Allan’s Flowers

in Prescott, Arizona, who served as one of the judges for the competition.

Chinery pointed specifically to Alma’s brilliant white color, green center, and multiplicity of perfect, many-petaled blooms, all the same shape and size. Each sturdy stem also supported foliage of a uniformly crisp, dark green color.

‘Alma’ was among 246 entries from nearly 30 growers and breeders in

Florida, California, Oregon, and Hawaii, as well as Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, and the Netherlands. That’s a significant increase from the last Outstanding Varieties Competition, in 2016, when 184 entries vied for ribbons.

Judges scored each entry based on color and commercial appeal, stem and foliage, bloom form and size, and overall presentation. The judging panel, which included three retailers, three growers and three wholesalers, evaluated specific categories of flowers, and the highest scored entry of each won “Best in Class.”